BBECA is a company whose main business is conformity assessment. BECA has set quality and customer relations as first priorities. Consequently, our main objective is to attract and maintain talents.
We are confident that our activities are rich with opportunities for growth. Today, our workforce is near 200 employees. Our managers spend much of their time to recruit, select, train and lead their teams.
Our principal asset is our staff. Whether you have technical expertise or operational expertise in sales support or in assistance and technical inspection, if you share our passion for helping companies and organizations assess their compliance, if you share our values, we are interested by your application.

Chief Executive Officer

Recruitment Process

Recruiting employees who will be involved in the growth of our company and making them want to grow professionally is our ambition. If you share our values and want to express your enthusiasm and talent among our teams, then please check out our job offers, create your candidate space pour être informé en permanence des nouvelles opportunités que nous vous proposons.
to be constantly informed of new opportunities we offer. If none of our offers correspond to your career plan today, you can submit your voluntary application.
It will be treated with the utmost attention by our Recruitment Service and we commit to providing you with an answer as soon as possible.

Human Resources Manager

 Internship at BECA

Joining BECA in an internship is for a student, the opportunity to integrate a learning company, whose conformity assessment mission requires constant training of experts able to provide specialized technical advice.
In contact with our technical experts we offer you to make your internship for levels ranging from Bachelor +2 to 5 years, for a period of 2 to 6 months, in an operational service for a clearly defined topic.
With this willingness to share with you the fruits of a successful internship, BECA will accompany you throughout your mission. Everything is foreseen to make your immersion in our teams, an experience with high added value through a confrontation of your theoretical knowledge to practice which is beneficial to you in both human and technical levels.

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