TUNAC Accreditation Jul 2014

BECA first accredited Inspection Company by TUNAC for the Asset Integrity Management. BECA is the in compliance with:

API 570, API 571, API 572, API 574, API 575, API 577, API 510, API 578, API 650, API 651, API 652, API 653 , API 1104, ASME B16.5, ASME B31.3 and 12th JULY 1956’s Decree.

Our asset integrity Control and inspection services include but not limited to:
Inspection according to API 570, 510 and 653
Asset integrity and Risk based inspection FFS/RBI
Turnaround inspections
Inspection of Pressure vessels/boilers
Verification of structures integrity and conformity
Inspection of static and rotating equipments
Default analysis and recommendations
Evaluation of equipment remaining life
Inspection of hydrocarbon storage tanks
Inspection by Videoscope / Boroscope system