Laboratory Testing (Calibration of PSV/Mechanical and Metallography Testing/civil Engineering Testing)

Civil Engineering Laboratory testing

BECA offers various services whose purpose is to control soil and civil engineering works such as bridges, roads, buildings, etc ...

BECA has developed expertise in the area of control and inspection of infrastructure, design and construction phases to detect and prevent flaws and technical hazards

BECA has a laboratory of Civil Engineering to perform:

Tests on soil, aggregates and concrete
• Gravels and sand size Analysis
• Granulate test (Method by sedimentation) “Fillers”
• Study of concrete composition (trial Mix )
• Density of materials
• Sand equivalent test
• Determination of the liquid and plastic limits
• Slump test
• Los Angeles abrasion test
• Deval abrasion test
• Chemical waters analysis
• Chemical soil analysis
Destructive testing and non-destructive to concrete
• Compression test
• Flexion Test
• Coring test
• Concrete hummer testing
• Ultrasonic examination of concrete homogeneity and cracks detection
Road Tests
• Determination of the deformation static modulus (method on sheet)
• Control of compaction of materials (method by balloon density apparatus LCPC)
• Proctor Test standard and Modified
• CBR test
• Water grade of materials
• Gravel and sand specific weight
• Bitumen content
• Marshall Test

Calibration and maintenance of pressure safety valves.

Mechanical and metallographic Machining and Testing

Tensile test
Bend test
Sharpy test
Macrographic test ,
Micrographic test
Hardness test
Fracture test
Test Metallographic replica
Positive Material Identification(PMI) using XRF
Chemical analysis