Advanced Non Destructive Testing

Convinced with the accelerated scientific and technological development of the third millennium, BECA invested in the integration of advanced NDT inspections technologies among its services in order to satisfy its customers in terms of performance, quality, safety and cost optimization.

Our services Non-destructive testing - Advanced Techniques are classified into two categories:

In-service Control:

Corrosion monitoring of shells and equipment using UT B-scan technique with the robot (Viper Crawler)
Fatigue inspection using Phased Array (PA) and Time of Flight diffraction Examination TOFD of welds and operating equipment base metal.
Flow lines and under support corrosion monitoring using Guided waves (LRUT/GWT) Examination technique
Follow up and inspection fatigue (growth cracks and micro cracks) piping, pressure vessels, pipelines and drill pipe, structural supports in petrochemical installations using ACFM
Leak detection by magnetic flux techniques (MFL)
Pulsed eddy current (PEC)
Hydro test Monitoring of Vessels and Spheres using Acoustic Emission sensors Recorders (AE)

Turnaround/ Shuttdown Control:

Automatic Ultrasonic testing (AUT) of pipelines and flow lines using the Pipe WIZARD and Weld star.
Corrosion Monitoring of shells and vessels using UT B-scan technique with the automated robot (viper2000).
Welds Phased (PA)
Welds Time of Flight diffraction (TOFD)
Tank bottom screening and scanning using LFET/MFT scanners
Visual inspection using Borescope / Videoscope (VT)
Inspection of boilers and Exchangers tubing using :
• Internal rotary inspection system of tubes using ultrasonic immersion(IRIS)
• Eddy Current Multi-frequency for the non-magnetic steel tubes(ECT)
• Eddy Current for Ferromagnetic tubes (MAGWAVE)
• Eddy Current Faraway for Ferromagnetic tubes (RFET)