Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Inspection and Control

BECA operates a robust web based 'Paperless Reports' system that allows clients to review the operational status of their inventory including analysis, test results and certification anytime anywhere. Should the client require, the system can also manage extensive client inventories flagging up when particular equipment is due for inspection along with the pending testing recommendations?

Current services available across all locations:

Pipe inspections to DS1 3rd Edition CAT1-CAT5
Pipe Inspections to API RP7-G & NS1/NS2
Inspection of Drill Pipe, Hevi-Wate, Drill collars, Subs & Cross Overs
Full length API drifting
BHA ( Bottom Hole Assembly )
ID & OD dimensional checks
Hardness testing
Full EMI scanning
Portable connection re-facing
MPI / DPI / UT inspections
Ultrasonic wall thickness spot checks
High Pressure external & internal cleaning
Internal/External application of coatings