Who We Are


BECA  is a worldwide leader in Inspection ,Testing and Certification. We are actively committed to our national and international customers to enhance the quality and safety of their assets and infrastructures while safeguarding their operations.

These services are provided thanks to our technical capabilities, innovative approach, and motivated team that targets operational excellence.

BECA encompasses a mixture of multidisciplinary teams of experienced and skilled professionals who are renowned for delivering technical excellence across a variety of sectors.

We provide a wide array of solutions that respond to a broad spectrum of needs from asset integrity management to statutory safety inspections. We pay particular attention to technological development and innovation, we also set great store on the clear understanding of regulatory requirements.

We seek to provide a higher level of reliability by:

Constantly aiming to improve quality service at each work location and using key performance metrics so as to ensure continuous enhancement.

Understanding the requirements and providing the right technicians, tools, and procedures that best meet your needs.

Promoting a culture of safety built on training, continuous improvement and discipline

A commitment to innovation and excellence in service delivery