Civil Engineering Inspection

Our objective of the technical control is to:

  • Assurer la stabilité et la durabilité des bâtiments ou des ouvrages en génie civil (constructions neuves, réhabilitation ou d’extension des bâtiments, charpente métallique…)
  • Ensure the buildings and civil construction stability and durability (new construction, rehabilitation or extension of buildings, steel structure …)
  • Prevent risks related to the strength and integrity of a construction
  • Ensure the building conformity of buildings to regulations and standard.
  • Ensure the users safety.

We inspect :

  • Building and steel structure
  • Technical installation (Plumbing, electricity, video surveillance)
  • Works of art, masts, pylons…
  • Fire prevention and safety.

We perform:

  • The exam and approval of drawing and calculation sheets.
  • Construction sites monitoring.
  • Project management during conception, realization and reception phases.
  • Expertise of in-use constructions.